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Guided Duck Hunting Trips

According to the South Dakota Game Fish and Park website, eastern South Dakota is located within the important waterfowl breeding grounds known as the "Prairie Pothole" region. The area was scarred by glaciers at the end of the last ice age resulting in landscape dotted with lakes, wetlands and streams where ducks abound.

Fortunately, we also have access to 10,000 acres of land (and water) along the Missouri River Valley. This major US flyway will chart the path for millions of migratory birds.

Duck & Goose Hunting Packages

  • Minimum of 3 hunters per group
  • 2 Day Hunt - Cost* $2,375 per gun
  • 3 Day Hunt - Cost* $2,675 per gun
  • 5 Day Hunt - Cost* $3,925 per gun

       *8% tax not included

    We have a skeet range, guns, and waders available for rent along with ammunition available for purchase.

  • Includes
  • Lodging & transportation during hunt
  • Full Meals
  • Top hunting guides & dogs
  • Birds cleaned and packaged
  • Hunters Provide
  • Transportation to Geddes
  • Cooler, license, shells, and gun
  • Alcoholic beverages, if desired

  • We utilize mobile A-frame blinds in cornfields for our field hunts. No matter the weather or habitat condition, we have the vehicle to position you in water, mud, field, or the heated comfort of a sunken pit.
    Our fully-enclosed, heated amphibious unit is perfect for getting through the muddy spots to hunt flooded corn and puddle ponds in cattail sloughs.

    Our 25' mobile pontoon blind provides as much coverage and camouflage as our sunken 6-person Kohler pit blinds, but gets further into the action by actually being on the water.

    We are suited for all habitats and all of the weather conditions that allow for prime waterfowl hunting.

    Cast & Blast Add-On (Blast & Blast)

  • Add a 4-5 hour morning duck hunt to any pheasant package for *$400 per day / per person (Min 4)
  • Add a 4-5 hour walleye fishing trip for *$650 per day / per boat (1 to 3 / Boat)
       *8% tax not included

    South Dakota provides a rare opportunity for an early season limit of 8 ducks, before changing to 6 like nearby states.

    South Dakota nonresident waterfowl licenses during the fall are limited in number and distributed by a lottery drawing. Hunters must submit an application and fee, see GFP.SD.Gov for specific dates.
  • Deposit Information

    • A 50% Deposit is required to Book
    • Short notice trips may increase Deposit %
    • Deposits are non-refundable
    • Cancellations must be made 90 days in advance of trip, to qualify for date change
    • Date changes are assessed a $200 fee
    • Deposits are transferable in a group if size stays the same
    • Forfeit deposit for reduced quantity of people
    • Visa, Mastercard & Discover are also accepted, a *5% CC fee is added to transaction

    South Dakota Pheasant hunting guides