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"Just wanted to send a quick note. I really enjoyed myself this past week and shared stories with my wife the whole way home from the airport. She said I talked nonstop for an hour. You run a first class operation! Can't wait to return.

Thank you for the amazing experience! "



"Our first Pheasant trip to South Dakota was beyond what we imagined. Although the average temperatures ran 20-30 degrees below than what we planned (with snow in October), our hunt and fish excursions went off without a hitch. Kudos to Joel and his team for the hospitality and incredible ability to get us on the birds and fish. For a group of 7 hunters to limit daily within 2 hours is a great testament to this operations’ skill and knowledge of the area. We will not make the mistake of missing the ducks next time around. First class all around. Thanks again and see you soon! "

Chad - Texas

Hey Joel,

" I just wanted to thank you for the great weekend. Your amenities are definitely top notch. I had multiple phone calls from the guys thanking me for the best weekend ever. That means a lot. I hope we didn’t wear out our welcome with Joe. I am trying to line up the pheasant trip with another group of guys from my plumbing supplier. I truly believe they will be impressed. What is the amount of people you would want for the hunt? I was thinking around 8-10 again. Also what is the cost per person plus lodging and dogs for this amount of people. We would want to hunt Friday and Saturday leaving on Sunday morning. We could leave Friday around 6am and be there at 10am would that be ok. Again thanks so much we will be using you again in the spring for some awesome fishing "

Chris - Omaha


" Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed our trip last weekend! I had a great time and your facilities were wonderful. I have the picture of our catch up on my office wall! Pass on my thanks and appreciation to Todd, both Tom and I had a great time in his boat! "

Al - Sioux Falls


" The trip was all I heard it would be. The lodge was nothing like the pictures on your web site. The pictures don’t do it justice. Very clean, comfortable, and the people on your staff were second to none. I’ve been a lot of places but this is right up there with anyone. And the breakfasts (thank the cook) were awesome as well as the fishing and the relaxing time in the evenings. You run a tight ship and we were glad to be a part of it. Much more than we expected. I look forward to next spring jigging season. We WILL book later this year. I have passed our experience on to several people and I’m sure you’ll continue to be busy booking slots. Now, if I could get a cup of your blood and you have a cup of mine----you’d slow down a little and I’d get something done. You run at an extremely fast pace so our experience is enjoyable and the Aerts crew thanks you for that. Keep up the good work and "stay focused" "



" Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful hunt. We couldn’t ask for a more memorable and fun outing together. Just to see the look on Kody’s face each and every time he tells the story makes it all worth it. It could not have come at a better time in our lives with what him and I have been going through. Now he talks of fishing with "Joel", so we will set something up soon! Again, thank you for your patience and outgoing attitude.
Your Hunting and Fishing Friends,

P.S. The video is awesome! Good luck in the future! "

Goose and Kody


" Thanks for the great trip!!! I have e-mailed photos to many friends bragging (couldn’t help it) saying I had my best fish ever. I told them we fished 4 hours and boated around 54 fish, and the four eyes were just bonus. I even told them about the 4-9 boy that exploded the bait and had it at the net, still feel bad on that deal…there will be more however. Again, Joel, thanks a bunch, that will be one to remember!

Also, my dad and his friends really thought you were a first class guy. I think the younger short one, the retired mortician, would like to try a plug trip with you sometimes for eyes. I told him we will have to see how your schedule is set, since I told him you book early for prime months. Also, thanks for the tip on the Dock 44 deal. We boated two, 16 inch eyes with lindy/minnows. Missed at least 8-10 good other strikes. Hagen out of Mitchell, the rod builder had a big eye tourney on. Most guys were weighing nice fish. We saw many boats, a lot seemed to be pitching jig/minnow or fuzzy grub/minnow into the schell bluffs. We got ours north about 4-5 miles up on a high schell bluff marked with a single post high on the bluff.

We’ll see you in about 3 ˝ weeks for the eye trip. "

Later - Joel ... Jimmy